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The place of this work in the current scientific ecosystem is unique: put simply, these projects have the potential to revolutionise the way we understand psychedelics, well-being, longevity and consciousness. However, throughout 25 years of not-for-profit scientific research, our work has been – and remains – entirely dependent on the generosity of philanthropists and donors.

With your help, we can carry out the most impactful research programme Amanda has yet developed, which she is leading with exceptional collaborators from around the world.


Here are some examples of what your support can achieve:

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£700 covers the costs of one hour of neuroimaging data collection using the cutting-edge  7Tesla fMRI scanner, required for our unprecedented and personalised study looking at the neural correlates of the peak mystical experience, where we will work with some of the world’s most respected neuroscientists.

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£5,600  covers for the cost of the total hours that one single participant will spend inside the 7Tesla fMRI scanner in our mystical experience study.

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£7,500 covers the paperwork and licensing costs of importing LSD into the UK for our 7Tesla fMRI study of the mystical experience.  

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£70,000 would fund the lab costs in Brazil, where our collaborators are researching the effects of LSD on key physiological mechanisms such as neuroplasticity,inflammation and energy metabolism, using human derived mini-brains, neurons and astrocytes with the aim of determining whether LSD can be used to, on one hand, improve longevity, and on the other, revert the hallmarks of Alzheimer’s Disease.

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£90,000 covers for the salaries of the personnel at Basel University involved in the first clinical trial ever studying the effects of LSD microdosing on patients suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease.

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£180,000 pays for the full salaries of our research team at Cornell University, who will leverage their unique combination of expertise to reveal the effects of psychedelics on cerebral blood flow and neurovascular coupling, which could revolutionise our interpretation of previous studies on psychedelics’ mechanisms of action.

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We have raised £300,000 so far from supporters inspired by the Double Headed Research Programme, but we have a great deal further to go. Every donation, no matter how small, is welcomed and deeply appreciated.

Furthermore, if you would like to discuss how to become a Beckley Foundation Patron, and join us in shaping the next phase of the ‘psychedelic revolution’, Amanda Feilding and the Beckley Foundation would love to hear from you. In addition to driving research forward, patrons receive exclusive access to updates on our work, recognition (if desired) and first notice of opportunities to collaborate.

Please get in touch at to discuss how you can help us make this new wave of groundbreaking projects a reality.

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