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Part I
First in-depth investigation
of the biological and psychological phenomenology of the psychedelic and mystical experience using cutting-edge neuroscientific tools, with LSD
Part II
Exploration of a range of applications for LSD microdosing in ageing and palliative care: from clinical research to the development of a New Concept of  Care Homes

''I am currently developing an exciting programme using the latest technologies in neuroscience to study psychedelics in the greatest detail yet attempted. For example, our previous work established a link between the so-called mystical experience – a profound sense of unity and connection – and therapeutic outcomes, so we are now exploring, with full-dose LSD and the latest technology, the neurological mechanisms underlying the mystical state. We are also developing research into the benefits of microdosing LSD in elderly patients with Alzheimer’s, as early results show remarkable improvement in vitality, and in the restoration of the sense of self. For the Beckley Foundation to continue to play its vital pioneering role, and to continue to infuse the field with new ideas and concepts, we need, more than ever, the support of visionary individuals who make this work possible." – Amanda Feilding

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Revolutionising psychedelic research with cutting edge neuroimaing tools
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Palliative care 1.jpg
Developing Beckley Harbour: A new model of care homes for Alzheimer's and other conditions
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